Convention of the Future Armenian day 3. Growing Population

Convention of the Future Armenian day 3. Growing Population

The first Convention of the Future Armenian has ended. For three days, participants selected from the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora through a transparent lottery and representative sampling method discussed possible scenarios and plans for the realization of strategic goals for the sustainable development of Armenia and Armenians worldwide. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing crisis in Artsakh, some participants did not have the opportunity to participate in the Convention in-person.

Discussions on the last day of the Convention kicked off with the publication of the results of the previous day. 

Next, Armine Hovannisian, head of the “Growing Population” Expert Committee, founder of the “Orran” charity organization, and executive director of the “Youth Achievements of Armenia” organization, opened the discussions for the “Growing Population” Goal by briefly recapping the experts’ 5 months of work. After watching the introductory video, the Convention participants discussed the experts’ proposed scenarios and began voting.

As a reminder, the goals discussed at the first pan-Armenian citizens’ assembly were the following: “Historic Responsibility,” “Armenia-Diaspora Unity,” and “Growing Population.” You can familiarize yourself with the discussions and final results of the voting by heading over to the official website of The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative. General summaries will also soon be available.

The day was filled with other votes as well.

In addition to proposing programs, the Convention participants also elected the members of the Future Armenian Program Committee. Among the 26 nominated candidates, the three compatriots with the greatest number of votes were elected: Flora Wiegers (USA), Marina Petrosyan (France), and Ari Kevork Demircoglu (Turkey). Following the announcement of the results, the Convention concluded with the official closing ceremony, during which the co-Founders of The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative Artur Alaverdyan and Richard Azarnia and the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Zareh Sinanyan, who had just returned from Lebanon, delivered speeches. The ceremony closed with Artak Apitonian, executive director of The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation, emphasizing the importance of each compatriot’s active participation in future activities of the Initiative.

Thus, The FUTURE ARMENIAN established a platform through which representatives of various groups of Armenians around the world studied, discussed, and selected scenarios and programs which passed expert evaluation, defining their vision for the future through a united force.

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