The Convention of the Future Armenian is based on the internationally recognized and widely used “citizens’ assembly” model of participatory democracy. 200 participants will be selected from a pool of pre-registered citizens by a transparent lottery drawing with a representative sampling method to ensure the representation in the Convention of gender, age and educational groups in society, as well as the participants’ countries and places of residence.
As a result, 100 participants selected from the Homeland and 100 more selected from the Diaspora will have the opportunity to discuss projects aimed at the future of Armenia and Armenians – projects that have undergone expert evaluation. The first convention will be dedicated to three of the 15 goals of the Future Armenian initiative: “Historic Responsibility,” “Armenia-Diaspora Unity” and “Growing Population.”

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The Principles of the Convention


The current challenges facing Armenia and the Armenian people can be tackled only by the strengthening of the intrinsic unity of Armenia and the Diaspora. The Convention will serve as a platform for pan-Armenian dialogue, bringing the potential of the expert community and diverse groups from society under one roof, thus contributing to the formation of both expert and active, public discussions.


Registration for participation in the Convention will be open to anyone from Armenia, Artsakh or the Diaspora. With no restrictions on the participation of adult citizens, the Convention will bring together equally represented groups covering all gender, age, educational and geographical strata of all Armenians worldwide. All interested parties who register for the Convention, but do not make it through the lottery stage, will have the opportunity to make their voices heard in other planned formats.


The entire process of the Convention is open and public, including the work of expert committees, the lottery to select participants, public discussions and the process of forming cooperation networks. All interested parties will have the opportunity to follow all of these processes on our official website, social media platforms and news sources.

Public legacy

All recommendations and programs adopted within the framework of the Convention are public property and available to all members of the public and private sectors so that they can develop their respective versions. As an authentic instrument of direct democracy, the Convention will try to ensure the possibility of consolidating the efforts of all strata of society.

New mindset, new results

Together, we are forging a new culture of civic participation with dialogue and awareness of collective responsibility at its very core. Through its approaches, the Convention, which is the only one of its kind in Armenia, should contribute to the formation of discourse on issues of vital importance for the state and society and to the development of ways to overcome challenges.


Register for the Convention

You can register for participating in the Convention with one of the following options.

Official website:
Phone: +374 60 700 800 (ext. 333)

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200 participants will be selected by a transparent lottery drawing with a representative sampling method․

Participate in the selection process

Participate in the Convention

Participants of the Convention will:

  • Discuss scenarios of implementing the goals, analyze the existing issues and challenges
  • Outline possible solutions
  • Adopt corresponding package of suggestions

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Artsakh Forum of The Future Armenian

On May 22, in Stepanakert The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation organized the Artsakh Forum of the Future Armenian, dedicated to the topic of “Growing Population in Artsakh”.

More than 60 signatories of the Initiative, representing the diversity of the Artsakh society, discussed in detail the demographic issues in the country, expressed their views on the challenges they face and explored possible sustainable solutions to the problems in the long run.

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