On March 10-12 2023, the first Convention of the Future Armenian was held, based on the “citizens’ assembly” model․

200 participants from Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora, selected through transparent drawing process, participated in the Convention. The proportion of gender, age, educational level and community area was ensured. They got a chance to openly discuss possible policies and programs and to adopt recommendations for the realization of those goals.

In this process, The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative serves as a platform that unites pan-Armenian knowledge and potential in the process of finding solutions to the problems that the Armenian people face.

The Convention consists of three stages:

At the preparatory stage, Expert committees developed possible development scenarios on each goal and based on which offer relevant recommendations each with a comprehensive expert justification.

At the second stage during the Convention selected participants received reports, scenarios and suggestions prepared by expert committees. All sessions will be facilitated by the leading professionals of the field. All applicants had the opportunity to participate in the ongoing discussions on the online platform.
The adopted recommendations as a comprehensive package of actions belong to state bodies, structures and organizations, business circles in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora for implementation through joint efforts.

The final stage of the process is the implementation. To that end and in parallel with the above-mentioned two phases, The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative will seek to establish an Affiliation Network – Armenian institutions, private sector and civil society organizations, international partners, charity associations and individuals – which through joint efforts will bring to life the recommendations adopted by the Convention participants.

The aim of The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative is to promote the pan-Armenian dialogue and unite the national potential for finding sustainable solutions to the problems the Armenian people face.

And for this aim the above-mentioned three-phase model was recommended. As the first attempt to apply the model, the Artsakh Forum of the Future Armenian was held on May 22 on the topic “Growing population” in Artsakh.

Our vision is a better future of Armenia, which we are shaping today and together.

Artsakh Forum of The Future Armenian

On May 22, in Stepanakert The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation organized the Artsakh Forum of the Future Armenian, dedicated to the topic of “Growing Population in Artsakh”.

More than 60 signatories of the Initiative, representing the diversity of the Artsakh society, discussed in detail the demographic issues in the country, expressed their views on the challenges they face and explored possible sustainable solutions to the problems in the long run.

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