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What is the objective of The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative?

The FUTURE ARMENIAN is a public Initiative launched by individuals from Armenia and worldwide. This Initiative is a result of the challenges Armenians and Armenia faced in 2020 with the pandemic and war. In these times of great uncertainty, it is important to foster a dialogue that would lead to a common framework of understanding on the vision for Armenia’s and Armenians’ future. Given our long history of survival and revival, we bear a collective responsibility to envision the future of our nation and the path that would successfully lead us there. Considering the urgency of our challenges, we must do so now.

What does it mean “to become a Signatory”? What commitment do I make?

Becoming a signatory means signing The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative on the website. There are no obligations or responsibilities involved in becoming a signatory to the Initiative.

How can I join and support the Initiative?

You can join by signing the Initiative on the website and encouraging others to join.

Why is this a Global Initiative?

It is important to engage all Armenians and friends of Armenia in this new vision and find ways to preserve, grow and utilize their potential. We hope to grow the relationship between Armenia and the diaspora into one based on mutualism and trust. We also hope to create a new model of relations between the State of Armenia and the network nation that is spread around the world.

Is The FUTURE ARMENIAN a political movement or does it have any political ambitions?

The FUTURE ARMENIAN is not a political movement and does not pursue political objectives. It is intended to provide Armenians and friends of Armenia with objectives and goals that can constitute the basis for the future that we can create together.

Why is there an emphasis on economy, education, science, technology and creativity?

Those elements constitute the basis for the long-term development of any country or nation. They are the pillars on which all the rest of the components are built. And as Armenians, we need to make sure we address those pillars, reform and build them the right way for the next few decades.

Are The FUTURE ARMENIAN goals inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The initiators have used the UN SDGs for inspiration given that they encompass various aspects of socioeconomic development.

How does the Initiative plan to engage the Diaspora?

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative is not only focused on developing Armenia as a country, but rather the global Armenian nation. The Initiative places huge importance on engaging the members, institutions and organizations of the diaspora in thinking together about the future and later on in finding the right experts to work on projects in Armenia.

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