The FUTURE ARMENIAN is a public Initiative launched by Armenians and friends of Armenia. In these times of great uncertainty and urgent challenges, this initiative seeks to foster a dialogue that would lead to a mutual understanding and a future vision for Armenia and Armenians. Given our long history of survival and revival, we bear a collective responsibility to envision the future of our nation and the path that would successfully lead us there.

We aim:

  • To overcome the polarization of Armenians. The initiative forms a platform through which, regardless of political views and socio-economic status, all Armenians can discuss our common future together.

  • To eliminate the atmosphere of despair. To restore faith in the future, develop a vision and make plans a reality, it is necessary to overcome despair and move forward together, considering the lessons of the past.

  • Formulate systemic solutions. The problems of the present make it difficult to focus on the future, but we must create systems based on national values, together forming the strong foundations of tomorrow.

  • Reactivate the society. The future of Armenia and the Armenian people can only be built with the active participation of each of us. The initiative seeks to activate all groups of society so that every Armenian feels part of the changes.

  • To help people take responsibility for the country and the future. We have a collective responsibility to determine the future of our nation, to devise ways to achieve it. The challenges are urgent, we need to act now and together.

Since May 2021, more than 110 thousand people from more than 100 countries have joined the FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative. With the support of international and local organizations and experts, the initiative has established 15 goals that summarize the full range of challenges we face. The two main formats of discussions organized by the initiative are conventions and forums. Since the initiative’s launch, more than 140 online and in-person expert meetings have taken place.

The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative emphasizes the integration of efforts of Armenians and their friends, the coordination of programs, the avoidance of wasting and the pulverization of resources, therefore it is open for cooperation with all interested parties.


The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative is coordinated by the FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation, whose founders are Noubar Afeyan, Artur Alaverdyan, Richard Azarnia, Ruben Vardanyan. The goals of the foundation are to support initiatives aimed at collectively securing the future of Armenia and the Armenian people, to involve individuals and organizations from Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora, to contribute to the preservation of the spiritual and historical heritage and identity of the Armenian people, and to create conditions for its revival in modern realities.

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