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This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to any information that may be submitted to the “The FUTURE ARMENIAN” Development Foundation (the “Foundation”), when using the website https://futurearmenian․com (the “Website”) and explains the ways the Foundation can use such information.


1.1. In this Policy the following terms are used:
1.1.1. “cookie” – a small file that contains information about previous Website visits;
1.1.2. “personal data” – any information referring directly or indirectly to a particular or identified individual (“personal data subject”), which for the purposes of this Policy includes.

1) data which are automatically submitted by using the Website pages:

  • IP-address, source of the Website visits and information of search or advertising request;
  • data on the user device (in particular, screen resolution, web-browser’s version and other attributes that characterize the user device);
  • the user clicks, hits on the elements of the Website pages, filling-out of fields, page views, data on the banners and videos views;
  • data characterizing the audience segments;
  • parameters of a session;
  • information on time and duration of a visit;
  • the user identifiers stored in ‘cookie’ files.


2) data which are filled out by the user to join “The Future Armenian. Destination and objectives” initiative:

  • user’s name, surname;
  • user’s email address;
  • user’s telephone number;
  • user’s country of residence;
  • user’s job title and work place;
  • user’s friends’ email address (optional).

1.1.3. “personal data processing” – any operation or set of operations, irrespective of the form and mode of implementation (including automated, with or without use of any technical means) thereof, which is related to the collection either stipulation or input or systematisation or organisation or storage or use or alteration or restoration or transfer or rectification or blocking or destruction of personal data or to carrying out other operations, in compliance with the applicable legislation;
1.1.4. “confidentiality of personal data” – obligatory requirement for the Foundation to prevent intentional disclosure of personal data without consent of a personal data subject or in the absence of any legitimate ground;
1.1.5. “user” – a personal data subject, who has access to the Website via Internet and who uses the Website for his/her purposes;
1.1.6. “IP-address” – unique network address of a computer network unit built in accordance to the IP protocol.


2.1. Acting by his/her own will and in his/her own interests when using the Website, the user provides the Foundation with his/her consent to automated processing of his/her personal data.
2.2. Consent to personal data proceeding is effective from the moment the user enters the Website and (or) fills in such data till its withdrawal. Using the Website means consent to this Policy and the conditions of personal data processing.
2.3. This consent may be withdrawn by means of a written notice sent at the Foundation’s address, as stated in the section “Contact Information”, demanding to stop personal data processing.
2.4. In case the user does not agree with the term and conditions of this Policy, he/she shall immediately stop using the Website.


3.1. The Foundation may perform personal data processing for the purposes of:
a) verification of a person before agreement on the materials submitted to the Website;
b) connecting with the user with regard to the submitted information;
c) indicating the user as the author or the drafter of the submitted materials;
d) examining requests of the user and ensuring immediate connection with the user;
e) ensuring the possibility of personalized search by the user when using the Website;
f) distribution of newsletters the user subscribed to, and informing on the Foundation’s events;
g) identification of the user’s preferences, personalization and improving the Website usability;
h) creation of detailed statistics about Website users.
3.2. The Foundation shall not perform the processing of the personal data submitted by the user for the purposes other than listed above or prescribed by the applicable law.
3.3. The Foundation shall keep personal data submitted by the user for as long as it is needed for the purposes of personal data processing.
3.4. For the purposes of identification of the user’s preferences, personalization and improving the Website usability ‘cookie’ files are used. If the user doesn’t wish to use ‘cookie’ files, he/she shall change the Web browser settings. The user is aware that disabling cookie may lead to inability to access the Website.
3.5. Personal data processing is performed by using specialized web applications ‘Google Analytics’ and ‘Yandex.Metrica’ in accordance with the rules the links to which are provided below. The user hereby expresses his/her consent to the transfer of the above listed personal data to Google LLC (7 Balchug Street, Moscow, Russia, 115035) and Yandex LLC (16 Lva Tolstogo Street, Moscow, Russia, 119034), including the cross-border transfer. The cross-border transfer of personal data shall be carried out in compliance with the applicable legislation, provided that the conditions of adequate level of protection of the personal data are met.

Google Analytics privacy policy
Yandex.Metrica privacy policy

3.6. The Foundation shall respect the confidentiality of personal data submitted by the user in compliance with the applicable legislation.
3.7. Personal data of the user may be transferred to the authorized state bodies only on the grounds and as prescribed by law.


4.1. After transfer of the personal data to the Foundation and while the Foundation processes the personal data, the Website user, as a personal data subject, may exercise the following rights. Specifically:

  • Right of access – The user has the right to request a copy of the information about the latter that the Foundation holds.
  • Right of rectification – The user has the right to correct data that the Foundation holds about the latter that is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Right to be forgotten – The user has the right, in certain circumstances, to ask for the data the Foundation holds about the latter to be erased from the Foundation’s records.
  • Right to restriction of processing – Where certain conditions the user has the right to restrict the processing of his/her personal data.
  • Right of portability – The user has the right to have the data the Foundation holds about the user transferred to another organization.
  • Right to object – The user has the right to object to certain types of processing or to ask to stop or to restrict the processing of the user’s personal data.

4.2. To exercise these rights the user shall contact the Foundation based on the contact details, set forth by section “Contact Information”. In cases where the Foundation refuses to provide access to the submitted personal data, the Foundation shall give a reasoned refusal to the user.
4.3. In cases where the user does not consent to the refusal of the Foundation related to provision of access to the personal data, the Website user may file a complaint against the Foundation as stated in the section “Complaints” of the Website.


5.1. The Foundation takes necessary legal, organizational and technical measures for protection of personal data from unlawful or involuntary access, as well as from other unlawful actions of the third parties.
5.2. The Foundation is responsible for intentional disclosure of personal data of the user according to the current legislation except for the cases stated in Articles 3.5. and 3.6. hereof.
5.3. The Foundation is not responsible for loss or disclosure of personal data if such data:
5.3.1. appears in public domain before being lost or disclosed;
5.3.2. was independently developed by the third parties;
5.3.3. was obtained by the third parties by means of unauthorized access to the Website files;
5.3.4. was disclosed with the user’s consent.
5.4. The user is responsible for lawfulness, correctness and truthfulness of the submitted personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation.


6.1. This Policy applies to this Website only. The Foundation does not control and is not responsible for the third parties’ websites the user may switch to via the links available on this Website.
6.2. This Policy is regulated under the laws of the Republic of Armenia.
6.3. The Foundation may amend this Policy at any time without the user’s consent.
6.4. The amended Policy shall be effective from the moment it is posted on the Website, except otherwise provided in the new version of the Policy.
6.5. The user may receive clarifications related to his/her personal data processing by sending a written request or an email to the contact details, set forth by section “Contact Information”.

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