The voting results of the third day of the Convention of the Future Armenian

“Growing population” goal


3.1. From the viewpoint of efficiency of ensuring population growth, in which direction should efforts be directed to begin with?

  • Increasing the birth rate – 15,03%
  • Reducing emigration from Armenia – 14,38%
  • Increasing immigration to Armenia – 8,50%
  • All at once54,90%
  • Another observation – 7,19%


3.2. First of all, it is better to:

  • Organize the immigration of Armenian emigrants back to Armenia – 54,61%
  • Organize immigration to Armenia by members of the historical Diaspora – 19,74%
  • Organize the immigration of foreigners (non-Armenians) to Armenia – 3,95%
  • Another observation – 21,70%


3.3. Choose one of the observations below:

  • Demographic policy should be declared the main direction of the policy implemented in the country, and it should be served by the policies of other spheres. Until now, demographic policy has been perceived as a tool for social support – 74,67%
  • The demographic policy should be a set of smaller policies and programs, because having and implementing a comprehensive and unified policy is expensive – 16,67%
  • Another observation – 8,66%


3.4. Choose one of the observations below:

  • In addition to a repatriation policy, the immigration of foreigners (non-Armenians) should also be organized, helping us solve the problem of population growth – 25,66%
  • It is wrong to direct all efforts toward immigration while we have high levels of unemployment and poverty in Armenia. Without solving the problems of economic development and unemployment, immigration will lead to social tensions – 57,89%
  • Another observation – 16,45%


Prioritizing the initiatives (only accepted versions are highlighted)

  • An agency of immigration organization and advocacy – 79,49%
    A professional management body for the immigration process, which will also be able to forecast the nearest possible flows to Armenia and properly prepare for the arrival of people
  • “Children First” initiative 70,51%
    A platform for the interaction of many existing programs aimed at children’s development and learning, which will significantly increase their inclusiveness
  • Public health, healthy lifestyle awareness-initiative – 68,59%
    Implementation of public health and healthy lifestyle awareness events and marketing campaigns through various channels and platforms
  • An online, pan-Armenian dating platform – 56,41%
    Facilitating contacts among Armenian youth interested in getting to know each other and starting a family, through a competently managed, thorough verification of applications and registration of only Armenian participants
  • Organizations for Conflict management support in young families – 56,41%
    Professional support for family issues, for families who stand on the verge of divorce in regions and Yerevan, creation of a network of counseling centers (including existing ones)
  • Lobbying the U.S. Congress to amend the Social Security Act – 54,49%
    Giving an opportunity for Armenian American pensioners to receive their pension while absent from the United States, which will promote repatriation
  • An “At least 4 children” public movement 51,92%
    A mechanism for combining forces in the formation and direction of a large advocacy campaign
  • A high-quality, fictional film featuring a single mother character – 30,77%
    A moving and educational film about a woman who decides to have a child without her husband
  • An “Emigration is shameful” public movement – 23,72%
    Altering the public perceptions and behavior of people who are inclined to emigrate, using various advocacy tools


Prioritizing the initiati
ves (only accepted versions are highlighted)

  • Organization of professional pan-Armenian Conventions – 45,75%
    Organization of periodic Conventions of Armenians by nationality, according to profession, which will present sectoral recommendations and programs
  • Organization of “Citizens’ Assemblies” in the Diaspora – 34,64%
    Based on the experience of The Future Armenian Convention, organize Citizens’ Assemblies in Diaspora communities with the aim of reaching joint decisions with the participation of local Armenians
  • Creation of a portal of successful experiences of Diaspora communities – 19,61%
    A mechanism for covering the successful experience of any community in the Diaspora in various fields and spreading it to other communities, which will allow the best experience to be spread and imitated everywhere
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