“The Convention of the Future Armenian: Further steps” online meeting with Richard Azarnia

“The Convention of the Future Armenian: Further steps” online meeting with Richard Azarnia

On June 21, an online meeting was held with Richard Azarnia, co-Founder of the FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative on “The Convention of the Future Armenian: Further steps” topic.

The participants of the meeting had a unique opportunity to address their questions to Richard Azarnia and to discuss with him the further actions of the initiative.

Speaking about the goals of the first Convention of the Future Armenian held in Yerevan in March, Richard Azarnia noted that this created a platform where people can communicate, exchange ideas, and suggest solutions.

“Ideas should be coordinated, this is one of our goals. We need to talk to each other and reach a common ground so that we can achieve positive results together in a reasonable way. If we are interested in the future of Armenia, we should all have this approach,” said he.

The co-founder of the FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative stated that it should serve as a platform for unification, but unity should come from people. He emphasized the importance of involving youth in discussions about the future.

“We need to understand what kind of world we would like to live in as Armenians. It is not necessary to tell the youth what the future is, the youth should decide it on their own, and it is very important that the future generation participates in discussions about the future.”

According to Richard Azarnia, it is very important to have a clear vision when we talk about the future. Even small countries can become stronger if they adopt the right strategy, but this can only be done unitedly.


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