Dear compatriots,

The latest developments in Armenia and Artsakh once again demonstrated the importance of forming a pan-Armenian unified vision and action.

As a result of the brutal and persistent policy of ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan, the entire population of Artsakh was forced to leave its homeland within a few days. Prominent Artsakh statesmen, including former presidents as well as the former State Minister & co-Founder of The FUTURE ARMENIAN Ruben Vardanyan, were arrested and transferred to Baku. One of the ancient cradles of the Armenian civilization is left without its indigenous population for the first time in 25 centuries.

Today the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Armenia are severely endangered, the fundamental rights of the Artsakh people remain neglected, and, perhaps equally critical, a prevailing sense of apathy within both Armenian society and the diaspora threatens to impede national consolidation. The inability of the current Armenian administration to confront these challenges further exacerbates the situation.

To effectively solve all these and many other critical issues we face, it has become crucial to develop a unified vision for the future, institute responsible management, bridge the existing gap in effective mechanisms for the engagement of able professionals and resources in Armenia and within the diaspora.

We are dedicated to continuing our declared mission of shaping the future together. We emphasize the importance of the coordination of efforts and the deeper and wider engagement of Armenians and our friends worldwide in the collective search for durable solutions.

On Armenia, we stress the urgency of strengthening our collective resilience, mobilizing all available resources, instituting responsible governance, rejecting defeatist and alarmist attitudes, and fostering robust, reliable partnerships.

On Artsakh, we will continue to pursue the solution that enables the right of the people of Artsakh to return to their homes in a safe and dignified manner, and guarantees their national, religious, educational, and cultural rights, including the preservation of the Armenian heritage.

On diaspora, it is vital to harness our collective power and establish a common agenda for global diaspora action, with a primary focus on the security and sovereignty of Armenia and advocating the fundamental rights of the people of Artsakh.

We launched The FUTURE ARMENIAN public Initiative after the devastating war of 2020 to foster a dialogue that would lead to a common framework of understanding and envisioning a brighter future for Armenia and Armenians. More than 110,000 people from 108 countries joined our call. Our objectives were clear from the outset: overcome polarization, eliminate the prevailing despair, formulate systemic solutions, reactivate society, and cultivate a shared sense of responsibility towards the nation and its future.

Through extensive consultations with local and diaspora organizations and professionals, the Initiative set 15 Goals aimed at addressing the full range of challenges we face and the sustainable development of our global nation.

This past spring we conducted the first-ever Citizens Assembly in the Armenian world – the Convention of the Future Armenian – where participants from the homeland and the diaspora discussed three of those 15 goals (Historic Responsibility, Armenia-Diaspora Unity, and Growing Population) and adopted policy and program recommendations. It was preceded by extensive preparatory work of over a hundred Armenian experts developing possible scenarios and project ideas around those three goals. The results of that convention can be found here.

We extend our gratitude to our Signatories for their steadfast support during these fateful times.

We, the Armenians, on all levels – personal, societal, and national – should rise above despair and division, resist the persistent challenges and hardships facing the nation, and collectively forge a brighter future for all Armenians.

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