Noubar Afeyan at the 90th anniversary event of the Armenian Mirror-Spectator

Noubar Afeyan at the 90th anniversary event of the Armenian Mirror-Spectator.

“The former Artsakh state minister Ruben was detained by force, in my view, for one simple reason — that he is the most renowned Armenian citizen on the planet. Just ask yourself who is more renowned than Ruben?”.

“We have to start looking to the future. Armenians are very proud of our history…and our present is kind of troubling – troubled, you know. We have some things to be proud of and some things to be ashamed of, but our future is completely unwritten”.

So we can just choose our future to be our best moments. I really would invite us to think about this call to action of a shared future. How do we create this shared future, how do we create a vision for this future?”.

More about the event, here.

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