“Ruben is a symbol of all Armenians all over the world”. Noubar Afeyan’s interview with CNN

Noubar Afeyan, the co-founder of The “FUTURE ARMENIAN” Initiative, spoke to CNN about the mass exodus of Armenians from Artsakh, the 9-month siege before that, and the detainment of Ruben Vardanyan, and other state and public figures of Artsakh.

“In September of this year, they attacked militarily, and that then led to complete capitulation by the local population. And all but three or four of them, I believe, fled within three days”.

Referring to what was happening with Armenians, Noubar Afeyan noted that the world is watching and not taking active steps.

“We’re all trying to seek lasting peace. But what you observe, what I observe is that when the world stands by and observes injustice and doesn’t do anything, then it’s not only difficult to achieve justice, but it’s also difficult to achieve peace”.

Speaking about the detainment of Ruben Vardanyan, the co-founder of The “FUTURE ARMENIAN” initiative, as well as other Artsakh state and public figures, Nubar Afeyan emphasized that Ruben Vardanyan moved to Artsakh because he was concerned about the fate of the people.

“And for doing that over a three-month period as the state minister, which he was between November 2022 and February 2023, he essentially stayed there after he ceased being state minister and was doing humanitarian projects on the ground, helping people cope with the circumstances. When this war happened, this sudden war happened over a day and people escaped, Ruben in turn, as had been publicly stated by the Azeri government, that people would essentially be free to go, Ruben, like others, sought to leave to go back to Armenia. And in fact, he was arrested and charged with all sorts of things that have no factual basis, nor has any evidence been proposed or offered. And, in fact, Christiane, I think that Ruben represents, in fact, a symbol of all Armenians all around the world”.

Noubar Afeyan reminded that according to international experts, ethnic cleansing took place in Artsakh. He emphasized that the international community should not be indifferent and should disagree with the fact of the capture of Ruben Vardanyan and others.



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