The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation condemns another military aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan along the borders of the Republic of Armenia. In gross violation of the international law, these actions are a clear manifestation of consistent Armenophobia and genocidal criminal policy aiming to doubt the faith of the Armenians in a safe and dignified future on their native land. Such encroachments on our homeland further strengthen our determination in uniting the Armenian people in the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Artsakh and the Diaspora around pan-Armenian goals for a strong and secured future.  

The Azerbaijani belligerent war actions aim to extort even more concessions, and only by consolidation of all the Armenian forces and by a credible political action it is possible to put an end to that. The Azerbaijani ongoing military aggression, which took more than hundred lives, proves once again that the policy based on partial concessions leads to even more brutal violation of the collective interests of the Armenians.  

The Armenians of the world expect the international community to renounce double standards, to directly condemn Azerbaijani aggression and take measures to eliminate its consequences. 

We call on our compatriots to unite around the efforts towards repelling the aggression, to stand by the Armenian soldier and the army for the Armenian statehood, as well we call on our Diaspora to pursue vigorously the Armenian interests and the mission of protecting our statehood.  

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