COVID-19: How to adapt small and medium businesses to the new reality

We invite you to participate in the online webinar “COVID-19: How to adapt small and medium businesses to the new reality”, which will be held on Friday, April 3 at 5:00 pm Yerevan time (GMT+4) at the Futures Studio discussion platform.

We believe that the search for solutions to global pandemics has to be empowered by cutting-edge cross-disciplinary knowledge and an unprecedented level of transparency in society.

We believe in bringing world experts in public health policy, science and technology, business and government officials together for an open and honest dialogue to build awareness, trust and confidence in our collective ability to overcome universal fear and find the optimal solutions to the global challenge at hand.

During the “perfect storm” small and medium business are the most vulnerable that is why it is crucial to support them to avoid the economic troubles. We gathered several brilliant and successful entrepreneurs from different industries who managed to reshape their projects and adapt to new reality. Together with Arik Akhverdyan, founder of VCV, we will tackle major anxiety-provoking issues and learn about alternative ways for businesses to move forward in the times of uncertainty.

The discussion will be held in the format of moderated online webinar available by Zoom link and on Facebook.

You are welcome to send your questions to panelists before the discussion to

The discussion will be held in Armenian, English and Russian languages. The participation is free

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