Grigor Akhinov: Public Choice Theory – non-market method for allocation of economic resources

On June 9, at 17:00 Yerevan time (GMT + 4), the third webinar will be held with Grigor Akhinov – Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Chair of Political Economy, Department of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The modern structure of public life is based on the theory of public choice, according to which, the citizen delegates his/ her authority to make decisions regarding the volume and structure of the production, and the financing of public and socially significant goods to his/ her proxies in the government and administration bodies. This implies the need to consider the following concepts: assessing the preferences of the voters, electoral systems and voting procedures, taking into account the interests of the minority, as well as the subjects of the political market: a voter, a politician, a political party, a lobbyist, the state, an official.

An alternative theory of the public choice, non-market and peaceful method of distributing the economic resources, is an administrative-command system and a planned economy. In this regard, at the webinar, special attention will be paid to decentralization and other modern management methods, which contribute to overcoming the failures of the state associated with the activities of such a backbone institute of modern society as the bureaucracy which is characterized by a service hierarchy and positional categorization.

The discussion will be held in Russian. The participation is free. You can join the online webinar by Zoom link (please register below) or by live streaming on Facebook.

You are welcome to send your questions to the speakers via e-mail before the start of the discussion.

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