The Japanese have the Olive tree and the Lexus car, Armenians have the Apricot tree and …

We invite you to participate in the webinar entitled “The Japanese have the Olive tree and the Lexus car, Armenians have the Apricot tree and ….” which will be held on June 17, 2020.

Haik will share his thoughts after a personal journey through literature and travel which has trigger him to think about some of the learnings, that Armenians can gain by taking a look at the development of Japan. Both nations are strongly rooted in their traditions and values which are grounded in their cultures. On contrary to Armenia, Japan has been able to develop itself as an autonomous, sovereign nation which has self-determination over its destiny. Japan has a homogeneous society which has focused on the development of human capital and has been able to establish inclusive institutions, which are driven by leaders which are intrinsically motivated to serve their nation.

In the second part, the speakers will put these learnings the Armenian context by exploring gaps. The Japanese have the olive tree, and Armenians have the apricot tree. However, we do not have a modern mass-produced product or service which is a global demand such as the Japanese have the Lexus car. It’s worth thinking about these gaps and exploring whether the Capsule Strategy form “At the Crossroads” discussion paper might help us to identify elements of integrative thinking which could elevate our hopes for the future of Armenia.

Discussion language: Armenian.

The participation is free. You can join the online webinar by Zoom link (please register below) or by live streaming on Facebook.

You are welcome to send your questions to the speakers before the discussion to

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