• Dr. Noubar Afeyan

    Dr. Noubar Afeyan

  • Artur Alaverdyan

    Artur Alaverdyan

  • Richard Azarnia

    Richard Azarnia

  • Aram Bekchian

    Aram Bekchian

  • David Tavadian

    David Tavadian

  • Ruben Vardanyan

    Ruben Vardanyan

Members of the Initiative Group

  • Yelena Abovyan

    Yelena Abovyan

  • Arman Jilavian

    Arman Jilavian

  • Talar Kazanjian

    Talar Kazanjian

  • Armen Mkrtchyan

    Armen Mkrtchyan

  • Armen Orujyan

    Armen Orujyan

Executive Director

  • Artak Apitonian

    Artak Apitonian

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