Artak Apitonian’s introduction at reArmenia 2.0 event

The reArmenia 2.0 event convened today, within the framework of which Artak Apitonian, executive director of the FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation, spoke about the significance and roles of the FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative and reArmenia and emphasized the complementary nature of the initiatives, highlighting the importance of cooperating with one other. Below is an excerpt of the speech:

“On October 13, 2022, the FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation and the reArmenia collaboration platform signed a memorandum of cooperation, a significant event in itself. This memorandum is the first step in the context of cooperation between the two organizations, the purpose of which is to contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of Armenia, Artsakh and the entire Armenian nation.

It is not a coincidence that our first such memorandum was signed with reArmenia, because reArmenia offers a unique and interesting model of network cooperation, which creates an opportunity to amass knowledge, experiences, connections, and financing for the implementation of specific projects.

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation unites the Armenians of Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora around 15 pan-Armenian strategic goals that contribute to sustainable development, offering its collaboration platform to all public, charitable, private, state and other organizations, as well as to individuals who want to pool their skills around these goals.

Moreover, I want to emphasize that these collaboration platforms and the network will belong to all participants, based on the principle of equal cooperation. We do not seek to manage the collaborative networks formed around these goals in any way, but instead we strive to create all opportunities for systematic and effective collaboration that will include all interested parties. In this sense, our cooperation with reArmenia is one of the building blocks of the joint platform, and we hope that these building blocks will increase in number, creating a solid foundation for the future we all desire.”


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