Artsakh Forum of the Future Armenian

On 22 May, in Stepanakert The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation organized the Artsakh Forum of the Future Armenian, dedicated to the topic of “Growing Population in Artsakh”.

More than 60 signatories of the Initiative, representing the diversity of the Artsakh society, discussed in detail the demographic issues in the country, expressed their views on the challenges they face and explored possible sustainable solutions to the problems in the long run.

In preparation of the Forum, Armenian demographics leading experts held several meetings and discussions. During those meetings the experts elaborated and formulated suggestions based on various scenarios, aimed at solving the demographic problems in Artsakh. This package of recommendations was presented to the consideration and the ultimate decision of participants of the Artsakh Forum.

The recommendations adopted by the Artsakh signatories of The FUTURE ARMENIAN during the one-day discussions will be presented as a comprehensive package of actions to the relevant state bodies, Armenian organizations and institutions, business circles in the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora for the implementation through joint coordinated efforts.

The summary of the discussions of the Artsakh Forum are available here.

Artak Apitonian, Executive Director of The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation, presented the methodology of discussion and voting on recommendations. In his remarks he emphasized: “This is a platform for promoting dialogue between all the layers of society, in which there are no divisions based on education, age and place of residence. Everyone as one will voice the existing issues and discuss and determine the steps to address them.”

The President of the Republic of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan, the State Secretary Artak Beglaryan, the co-founders of The FUTURE ARMENIAN Arthur Alaverdyan, Richard Azarnia, Aram Bekchian and Ruben Vardanyan attended the Forum and welcomed the participants.

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