The voting results of the second day of the Convention of the Future Armenian

“Armenia-Diaspora unity” goal


2.1. So far, efforts at Armenia-Diaspora cooperation:

  • They have been sufficient. The Diaspora has been able to engage in both self-preservation and defense of the Armenian cause, as well as providing assistance to Armenia. Nothing needs to be changed – 0,63%
  • They have been sufficient, but not strategic. We have not noticed how we are slowly losing both the Diaspora and Armenia, trying to contrast the preservation of one to the other– 13,92%
  • They have not been enough. There is a crisis of confidence, and unity is only at the level of appeals – 27,86%
  • We need new cooperation platforms. The crisis of confidence is surmountable, and unity will multiply the results– 56,96%
  • Another observaton – 0,63%


2.2. The main agenda of Armenia-Diaspora cooperation should be:

  • The strengthening of Armenia, with the expectation that a stronger Armenia will contribute to the preservation of Armenianness in the Diaspora much more easily – 53,16%
  • Armenian preservation in the Diaspora and tackling the issues that Diaspora communities face, acknowledging that the danger of assimilation has become quite grave – 20,89%
  • Helping each other as much as possible, while also realizing that resources in this case are split in two, therefore decreasing in their impact – 20,25%
  • Another observation – 5,70%


2.3. How should the implementation of the Armenia-Diaspora agenda be managed?

  • It should be managed by Armenia through its state institutions – 5,03%
  • It should be managed from Armenia with the participation of Diaspora Armenians, by providing mechanisms for the Diaspora to participate in state administration with constitutional reforms – 45,91%
  • It should be managed through a newly created pan-Armenian institution, which will consolidate all existing mechanisms and harmonize the work – 37,74%
  • There is no need for unified management. New cooperative solutions and platforms should be formed according to the issues at hand, accepting the diversity of Armenia and the Diaspora – 7,55%
  • Another observation – 3,77%


Prioritizing the initiatives (only accepted versions are highlighted)  

  • Collaborative network of businesspeople 82,39%
    Creating an opportunity for Armenian businesspeople living in various parts of the world to find one another and implement joint projects
  • Creation of a foundation/institute that will arrange regular trips of Armenian language teachers from Armenia to Diaspora communities – 66,67%
    A system through which Armenian teachers will alternately be sent to Diaspora communities to develop Armenian study centers or teach Armenians abroad
  • A pan-Armenian movement “Back to Armenia” 64,78%
    Establishing the necessary public support mechanism for the adoption of a large-scale immigration strategy at the state level
  • A pan-Armenian lobbying network 64,15%
    Supplementing the great work carried out by Armenian lobbying institutions in a unified, pan-Armenian format
  • An investment company named “Armenia” 57,23%
    Creating an opportunity for every Armenian to participate in the development of Armenia’s economy in the form of buying shares
  • A pan-Armenian IT company – 46,54%
    The possibility of participation by people in different formats in the model of a joint-stock company
  • A Creation of Armenian online museum – 38,99%
    Creation of an online museum based on the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institut
  • Common surnames – 11,95%
    The process of unifying the “yan” surname ending used in Armenia and the “ian” ending used in the Diaspora
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