Students of Armath from Vardenis will develop the software for the drawing

The Future Armenian- 1

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation and the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE) signed a memorandum of understanding today.

Students at the Armath Laboratory at Vardenis High School will develop the computer program for the lottery drawing of the participants in the first pan-Armenian Convention.

According to Artak Apitonian, Executive Director of the FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation, this cooperation will ensure the objectivity of the lottery drawing. “Based on the principles of the Convention, we decided to entrust the development of the lottery drawing program to the students at Armath, to leave no room for any suspicion of bias.”

Armath sees this collaboration as a great opportunity to become part of this large pan-Armenian idea, while also improving students’ skills.

As a reminder, registration for the first pan-Armenian Convention, to be held on March 10-12, is coming to an end. Registration will be followed by a lottery drawing to select participants.


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