Richard Azarnia’s Interview to CivilNet.

In the most recent interview to CivilNet, Richard Azarnia, a co-founder of The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative, noted that the Initiative has reached more than 109.000 signatories, thus achieving legitimacy in the Armenian World.

Now, the main objective of the Initiative is to define next steps.

According to Richard Azarnia, soon The FUTURE ARMENIAN will:

  • Organize consultations with world-renowned experts about the meaning of each of the 15 Goals to ensure that they are meaningful and practical in nature
  • Arrange meetings with representative proportions of Armenia’s population to approve the vision of the organization
  • Create a platform which will allow representatives of the Armenian World to debate and bring ideas together, thus ensuring that the 15 Goals are implemented

Finally, the co-founder reiterated that the Initiative will strive to be future-oriented, aiming to create a framework, within which the development of the Armenian World would be possible.  

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