“Talk about Future”: meeting with the founders of the The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative and Artsakh Youth

“Talk about Future”: meeting with the founders of the The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative and Artsakh Youth

On May 21, the representatives of The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative met with the youth of Artsakh at the “Fondation Masion Paul Eluard” Francophonie Center in Stepanakert.

During this interactive discussion, the youth of Artsakh presented the challenges they are facing and their vision for overcoming those challenges, touched upon the issues of more active engagement of the youth, as well as asked the representatives of The FUTURE ARMENIAN about their programs in Artsakh and the possible participation of Artsakh youth.

Artak Apitonian, Executive Director of the FUTURE ARMENIAN development foundation, presented the Initiative’s programs and the message behind the Artsakh Forum to be held in Stepanakert on May 22. He emphasized that the initiative is aimed at bringing the goal of pan-Armenian unity back to the agenda.

“Today we are facing serious challenges, and security is a priority. But there is a future, and we have no right not to talk about it today, not to have a strategy, not to have an approach or not to have a plan,” stressed Arman Jilavyan, the initiator of The FUTURE ARMENIAN. “If our nation loses Artsakh, we will lose our identity,” added co-founder Aram Bekchian.

Presenting the ideology of The FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative, co-founder Richard Azarnia mentioned: “The future of us, the Armenians, whether here, France or Armenia, is interconnected. If war has taught us one thing, it is that our future begins here. This is the front line.”

Referring to the steps to be taken to ensure a sustainable future, co-founder of the Initiative Ruben Vardanyan stressed: “Our strength lies in our knowledge, our education and our development. We must develop in all directions as quickly as possible.”


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