What is Armenia-Diaspora Unity (Goal 5)

June 25, 2021
What is Armenia-Diaspora Unity (Goal 5)


  • Pierre Akkelian

    The President and Co-founder of “Canadian Gem” and “Nishi Pearls”

  • John Harker

    Advisor on International issues with a special focus on Extractive Industries


  • Mark Grigorian


Armenia-Diaspora Unity – What is unity, and what is Diaspora? This initiative will enable Diaspora Armenians to unite with Armenia through creating a purpose. The first step in this effort is to recognize the interdependence of these units and build bridges that will unite them.

The initiative will address the differences of the Diaspora and how these differences can contribute to the project, to take us forward rather than keep us apart. The differences can play the role of pieces of a mosaic that can be beautifully put together to build a picture.

The political will in Armenia to use the potential of the Diaspora is very low; it has been a one-way process. The Armenian governments were not interested in harmonizing or integrating the Diaspora. One of the objectives of this Initiative is to support Armenia’s leadership to recognize the importance, role and potential of the Diaspora and work towards maximizing their impact in the country’s development

  • Having good universities among the top 10 will bring people and Armenians worldwide to Armenia.
  • Scenario building (discipline) is the act of predicting what could happen in the future, what is the probability. Not cooperating will have consequences that nobody will like. Armenia’s neighborhood forces Armenians to join forces with the wit to find ways out and prosper.
  • A fully-fledged Ministry of Diaspora is necessary with a Minister representing the Diaspora, who will think and act from the Diasporan perspective, representing the Diaspora and its say in the decision-making processes in Armenia. Additionally, other government departments should also have specialists from the Diaspora that will input their knowledge and skills into the government system.
  • The Diaspora is ready to contribute to taxation as well. However, the bureaucratic system should change to allow people to operate businesses in Armenia.
  • Two-way bridges should be built to evolve the sense of belonging among Armenians worldwide. The Diaspora also has room to improve what it does and how it does; however, the next step is on Armenia’s end by accepting the helping hand.
  • If the government of Armenia wants to cope with the problems seriously, it should talk to its universities and their heads.
  • The AVC – the Armenian Virtual College established by Yervand Zorian within the AGBU program is a fantastic learning opportunity. Apart from that, much effort is put in the direction of creating possibilities for children in smaller villages of Artsakh and Armenia to have the technological means to get involved in the learning process.
  • Strong Diaspora is interested in strong Armenia and vice versa. And we are interested in being strong, and this would be impossible without collective thinking and collaboration.


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