Memorandum of Cooperation։ The FUTURE ARMENIAN and reAarmenia

Today, on October 13, The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation and reAarmenia collaboration platform signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC). 

With this MoC The FUTURE ARMENIAN Foundation and reArmenia confirm their common goal to contribute to sustainable development and prosperity of Armenia by effective collaboration among all Armenians. 

According to the protocol on MoC, the parties can mutually provide their communication channels, ensure the exchange of experience, as well as to form joint working groups to discuss and find solutions to issues of mutual interest.  

The memorandum signed with reArmenia collaboration platform is the first for The FUTURE ARMENIA Development Foundation, but the Foundation is determined to establish a pan-Armenian partnership network aimed at forming a common vision of the future of Armenia and Armenians and implementation of pan-Armenian goals. 



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