Statement by the FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative on the 8th Convocation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

We congratulate the “Civil Contract” Party, the “Armenia” Political Alliance and the “I Have Honor” Alliance on forming the 8th Convocation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia after the successful snap Parliamentary elections of the Republic of Armenia that took place on June 20, 2021.

We look forward to all three parties and alliances working constructively to build a brighter future for our nation and country, while taking into account the full spectrum of challenges we face today. We are hopeful that all sides will come together and amplify efforts towards building a safer and stronger country; a country that can be the cornerstone to, and supported by, a unified Armenian nation.

We also express our appreciation to the parties who did not pass the electoral threshold and hope that they will continue to stay engaged and play an active role in building a better tomorrow for all Armenians.

As a nation, it is important to recognize the significance of this moment for our country, considering the major shifts currently happening at the regional and international level. We ought to understand the necessity for persistence and hard work to define and own Armenia’s future collectively.

We reaffirm our commitment to create a common framework for understanding the sustainable development of Armenia as a country and Armenians as a nation. We urge all parties and alliances of the National Assembly and beyond to integrate the 15 goals identified by the FUTURE ARMENIAN into their plans and to create synergies among all stakeholders. On behalf of more than 101 000 co-signatories, we invite all political and non-political entities to a far-reaching collaboration, as we think and work collectively to plan our next steps as a nation.

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative Group

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