Convention of the Future Armenian to Take Place in Yerevan in November 2022


The FUTURE ARMENIAN is a public Initiative launched by Armenians and friends of Armenia to create a common framework of understanding around the sustainable development of Armenia as a country and Armenians as a nation. Anyone can engage by co-signing the list of 15 goals below, participate in further discussions on WHATs and HOWs of The FUTURE ARMENIAN and become part of planning our next steps collectively.


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Armenia 2041 research conducted in partnership with McKinsey & Co: Executive Summery Report


A just society is about inequalities and social mobility. The speed and ease with which a child born into a poor ...


When thinking about various diasporas around the world, we should remember the following three points: 1. Immigrants often ...


To reach excellence in education it is important to clearly articulate the desired results.


During the last fifty years the world’s population has more than doubled, from 3.7 bn. in 1970 to 7.8 bn. in 2020, and will ...

Which activity would have the most significant impact on Armenia’s education system?

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How can I help?

By becoming a Signatory you will join the initiative and become part of planning our next steps collectively:

As a Signatory you will:

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    Participate in surveys about the various issues pertaining to the Armenian world and beyond

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    Get access to detailed analysis of Armenia 2041 research conducted in partnership with McKinsey & Co

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    The signatories can be engaged in thinking through the elements of the Future Armenian and its 15 Goals

Noubar Afeyan

Whether Armenian by choice, or Armenian by birth; It’s a choice you make as to whether you commit yourself to the Armenian world, or you just wait for other people to do it for you.

Noubar Afeyan

Artur Alaverdyan

We have to focus on clearly defined issues that will allow for a growing economy based on building a new model called the knowledge-driven economy.

Artur Alaverdyan

Richard Azarnia

Armenia should take advantage of the Diaspora, and the Diaspora should be a real part as a nation in helping build Armenia.

Richard Azarnia

Aram Bekchian

Our main goal is to have decision-makers in Armenia and diaspora communities around the world realize that we have to unite and move forward together.

Aram Bekchian

David Tavadian

Armenia can see explosive growth by having high rates of knowledge creation, and Armenia is to create not just a learning economy, but a learning society.

David Tavadian

Ruben Vardanyan

I strongly believe the future of our country and our nation can be defined only by joint efforts. Only by joint efforts, the present we are not content with, can be changed.

Ruben Vardanyan

    Should you wish to support the Initiative or have any questions, please contact us at:

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