The Convention of The Future Armenian is postponed

Dear compatriots, 

We inform you, that the first pan-Armenian citizens’ assembly, that is the Convention of the Future Armenian, is postponed and will take place on 10-12 March 2023. The topics of discussion: “Historic Responsibility”, “Armenia-Diaspora Unity” and “Growing Population” will remain unchanged. Registration for participation in the Convention continues to be open for everyone, and previous registrations remain valid. 

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Development Foundation will use this period of time to direct the existing forces and efforts to the affected border communities in order to implement security and anti-crisis programs. Preparatory work is already underway in this direction. 

The FUTURE ARMENIAN Initiative remains committed to its primary mission of creating common framework of understanding around the vision of sustainable development of Armenia as a country and Armenians as a nation and collectively develop and implement projects to ensure safe and prosperous future. 

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