The Convention discussed Goal “Growing Population” in three main directions:

  • “Armenia’s current demographic situation”
  • “Natural population growth”
  • “Immigration and emigration”

9.a. “Armenia’s current demographic situation”

The discussions of the Goal “Growing Population” began with recording the demographic problems of Armenia and discussing them in detail. On which directions should the efforts be focused on, the Convention agreed upon “All at once” approach:

  • From the viewpoint of efficiency of ensuring population growth, our efforts should be directed to Increasing the birth rate, reducing emigration from Armenia and increasing immigration to Armenia (54.90%)

In the discussions of the Convention, the participants recorded that in order to be able to use efforts in several directions at the same time, such initiatives are needed, the implementation of which will have several components and can address to various issues simultaneously.

9.b. “Natural Population Growth”

Many of the participants of the Convention believed that the current demographic situation and problems of Armenia are so dire that the state should attach primary importance to these problems and their solutions. In this regard, the Convention adopted a clear-cut approach:

‒ Demographic policy should be declared the main direction of the policy implemented in the country, and it should be served by the policies of other spheres. Until now, demographic policy has been perceived as a tool for social support (74.67%)
‒ It would be wrong to direct all efforts toward immigration while we have high levels of unemployment and poverty in Armenia. Without solving the problems of economic development and unemployment, immigration will lead to social tensions (57.89%)

To meet this objective, the Convention prioritized the following program:

  • “Children First” initiative – a platform for the interaction of many existing programs aimed at children’s development and learning, which will significantly increase their inclusiveness (66.47%)

The primary objective of the program is to comprehensively identify the essential services and needs that must be enhanced to ensure effective childcare, enable parents to fulfill their responsibilities fully, support families with young children, and thereby both directly and indirectly encourage higher birth rates. The project’s secondary aim is to establish a cohesive platform that unites organizations working towards this goal, facilitating their collaboration in developing and enhancing the socio-economic foundations necessary for encouraging childbirth and providing support to young families and their children.

  • Public health, healthy lifestyle awareness-initiative a reproductive health campaign with public health and healthy lifestyle awareness events and marketing through various channels and platforms (64.66%)

This program is primarily aimed at addressing reproductive health concerns and related health issues by promoting awareness and education on healthy living and preventive healthcare. Given the challenges within Armenia’s healthcare system, where comprehensive services are often inaccessible or costly, emphasizing preventive health measures becomes crucial. By prioritizing a healthy lifestyle, this initiative targets a core issue in public health, aiming to significantly impact Armenia’s demographic growth by improving reproductive health and the general health status of the population.

  • Organizations for conflict management support in young families – professional support for family issues, for families who stand on the verge of divorce in regions and Yerevan, creation of a network of counseling centers (including existing ones) (56.41%)

Such initiative can play a critical role in addressing reproductive health and related issues by promoting harmonious family environments. By providing specialized support and counseling for families facing potential separation, these organizations aim to resolve conflicts and preserve family unity, thereby contributing to better reproductive health outcomes and stronger community well-being.

  • A coordinating council for youth exchanges (see the full description in Section 3.d)

As a multifaceted approach offering a comprehensive solution for all three Goals of the Convention, this program, among other effects, may foster strong ties among participants, potentially leading to the formation of new families that are deeply rooted in Armenian values and connectedness.

9.c. “Immigration and emigration”

It became clear from the discussions of the Convention that it is not possible to alleviate the demographic problems only by organizing immigration. At the same time, the volume of emigration should also be reduced. Having recorded and highlighted both problems, the forum envisioned the resolution of the problem through certain consecutive steps:

  • First of all, it is better to organize the immigration of Armenian emigrants back to Armenia (54.61%)

To overcome this complex problem, the Convention proposed the following ideas:

  • An agency of immigration organization and advocacy – a professional management body for the immigration process, which will also be able to forecast the nearest possible flows to Armenia and properly prepare for the arrival of people (74.94%)

The establishment of an immigration organization and advocacy agency is crucial for streamlining and managing the immigration process effectively, ensuring that Armenia is well-prepared for incoming migration flows. The need for a similar program is even more important considering that the flow of non-ethnic Armenian students and workers arriving in Armenia from a number of Asian and African countries is large. By providing professional management and forecasting future migration trends, such an agency can optimize integration efforts, making the transition smoother for newcomers and significantly contributing to Armenia’s demographic and economic development.


  • A pan-Armenian movement “Back to Armenia” (65.14%) (for detail, see Section 5.b.)

As a strategic initiative intersecting with three Goals of the Convention and advocating for a large-scale immigration strategy, the “Back to Armenia” pan-Armenian movement will directly contribute to demographic revitalization and economic development, addressing critical challenges of population decline and workforce shortages.

  • Lobbying the U.S. Congress to amend the Social Security Act – giving an opportunity for Armenian American pensioners to receive their pension while absent from the United States, which will promote repatriation (51.37%)

The Social Security Act can be a significant step towards supporting the Armenian American pensioners to repatriate, without losing their pension benefits. It is a well-acknowledged fact that individuals who have departed from their homeland often harbor a significantly stronger desire to return as they age. Taking this into account, it can be concluded that this initiative is not only capable to strengthen the ties between Armenia and its diaspora but also encourages the return of valuable experience and resources to the homeland, enhancing Armenia’s social and economic fabric.

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